Guest Accommodation Terms & Conditions (N.Ireland Property)

Accommodation Terms & Conditions

Key One Property Ltd / Belfast Accommodation

In booking accommodation guests enter into the following agreement with us. These terms are binding. They may be altered by reference to any specific booking agreement.

1 Providing the Accommodation & Facilities:

(a)  The provider of the accommdation is the property owner, or other such persons or entities that are providing the accommodation (for the purposes of these conditions, the provider is termed "the owner". The Owner shall provide the accommodation described and the guest shall pay for that accommodation as per advertised booking conditions either directly or via an on-line booking platform or agent. Key One Property Ltd/Belfast Accommodation acts as an agent for the property owners. 

(b)   The accommodation is available from 3pm (or earlier if possible) on the check-in day and must be vacated by 10am or 11am (refer to advertised times) on the last day of the guest’s stay, unless otherwise agreed. An additional charge may be made for occupation outside these times, in particular cleaner's re-scheduling costs. Where any guest overstays which results in the accommodation not being available for subsequent guests, they shall be held liable for the revenue lost plus costs. Guests should note that this can be substantial. Guests may check into properties at any time after 3pm but must exercise minimal noise after 10pm. Where we allow a slightly early or later check in, this is free of change (unless otherwise advised in advance) but is subject to the guest adhering to all other conditions in this agreement. In the event of any breach, the owner may charge £15 per extra hour of occupation. 

(c)  If the owner is unable to provide the accommodation due to circumstances beyond his control, he shall advise the guest immediately upon becoming aware of this, and shall offer a full refund of any monies paid. No compensation shall be due to the guest in such circumstances, nor shall the owner be liable to provide alternative accommodation.

(d)   Where there is a significant breakdown or omission in any of the facilities or services provided by the owner, it is the guest's responsibility to contact the agent to report such issues immediately. The guest must speak to the agent; text or email may result in a delay for which the owner or agent will accept no liability. A 24 hour phone number is provided for this purpose and should be used. Breakdowns shall be attended to as quickly as is reasonably possible and based on the importance of that facility or service. No compensation shall be due in the event of such breakdowns, except where its not attended to or rectified promptly, and in such cases the owner shall compensate the guest by giving a fair and proportionate refund. The guest accepts that they must allow the owner reasonable time to repair any services that breakdown. 

(e)   The owner shall provide 24 hour contact details to the guest. Guests may contact the owner/agent outside normal business hours for any urgent matters on this telephone. There is no charge for this service other than the caller's provider charge (note this is NOT a premium rate number) except where guests choose to contact the owner/agent for access details after having been provided with them; in such cases guests consent to a charge of £10.00 plus £5.00 per additional call thereafter. Repeated or unnecessary calls also carry a £5 charge. 

(f)    In the event that a guest loses their keys they may be liable for the replacement costs of new locks and any call out charge to open the property.

(g)    Guests must not smoke in the property but may do so outside but away from the property. Cigarette butts must not be left on the ground; a charge will be applied for cleaning up where they are. Where guests smoke inside the property they agree to pay a £200.00 fine plus any additional cleaning costs or damages. Where this results in a cancelled booking, guests will be liable to pay the full costs and damages arising. Guests are warned that this could be substantial.

(h)   The guest shall be permitted to park one car or motorbike or small van in any advertised parking space allocated to the property and shall do so in a way so as not to obstruct other residents. The registration number must be provided on or before checking in. Parking is free unless otherwise stated.

(i)     Guests must not act in any anti-social manner and they must keep noise levels appropriate to the surroundings/location, paying particular attention to the time of day/night. In the event that this condition is breached and the guest will not comply when requested, the guest agrees to leave the property without refund. The guest may also forfeit their deposit in the event of anti-social behaviour or excess noise. Additional compensation may be payable by the guests in such circumstances plus any fines levied by management companies or council enforcement.

(j)     Guests may not bring any animals or pets into or onto the property (except by consent). Where there is a breach of this condition, the guest agrees to pay £250 per animal per night on demand plus any costs. Where consent is given, an additional charge and deposit are payable.

(k)    Guests are responsible for children.

(l)     Guests must report any incident or accident at the property immediately.

(m)   Guests must keep the property secure.

(n)    Where wi-fi is provided, we do not guarantee any speed rates or 100% connection time and it is dependant on service providers. Guest use wi-fi at their own risk and it should be treated as a public connection for security purposes. We are not liable for any security breach. 

(o)     Guests may not exceed the total number of guests stated on the booking. Where they do a £150 per person per night charge applies. Additional guests may also be required to leave without refund of this charge. This is without prejudice to any other fines or costs whatsoever associated to over-occupation.

(p)     The owner accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or damage to anything which belongs to the guest, including vehicles and valuables. Guests are strongly advised to have adequate travel insurance.

(q)      We reserve the right to require production of identification before access is granted.

(r)       The accommodation is provided on the basis that its use is solely for residential purposes and may not be used for any type of business or illegal activity. Where a guest is found to be operating a business from the property, they agree to pay an additional £250 per night, plus any additional costs or regulatory fines which may be imposed. This does not prohibit a guest from working privately in the property on any business administration ("home working") but this should not unduly place additional pressure on braodband services, or an additional charge may apply. Guests may contact the agent for clarification if in doubt. Guests who are found to be operating a business from the property consent to leave immediately when requested, without refund. Guests who are found to be conducting any type of illegal activity from the property agree to pay an additional £500 per night, plus any additional costs or regulatory fines which may be imposed, and must leave immediately when demanded, without any refund. 

2. Cleaning & Damages

(a)    The condition of the property and an inventory of its contents shall be made available at the property. The guest must contact the owner/agent immediately upon becoming aware of any variance, e.g. any items missing or damaged that are not listed. The agent shall investigate and advise the guest of their decision. Where this report takes place more than one hour after check in, any variance may be taken to be caused by the guest. The guest must allow reasonable time for the investigation of any issue, and subsequent remedy. The reporting of any variance or issue does not warrant acceptance unless and until the owner agrees to it. The owner shall base any investigation and decision on evidence and these terms and conditions.

(b)   Where there is anything which gives cause for an extra charge to the guest, the owner will notify the guest before making such a charge and provide evidence where requested. The owner shall consider any reply by the guest but is entitled to make extra charges where justified, reasonable and proportionate.

(c)    Guests must leave all items as they find it within the property. The owner will charge the guest for any missing, moved or damaged items or fittings. This is without prejudice to the owner's right to report damages and theft to the police which may lead to arrest and/or prosecution and criminal conviction.

(d)   The owner will provide a cleaning service and change of bedding/linen and towels at the start of each stay, and where a guest is staying over 7 days, on a weekly basis as arranged with the guest. Rubbish must be placed into the designated outside bins when inside bins are full. Excess cleaning charges will apply where there is any excessive dirt, soiling, rubbish or other items left in the property/room or anything which causes an obstruction, that requires removal. In particular guests who do not segregate rubbish correctly will be subjected to the charge for doing so. Guests who leave strong odours in the property (for example from cooking ingredients that emit strong odours without properly ventilating) shall be liable for any additional charges in removing these odours, or from any other losess arising. Note that this condition may be varied but will be done so in writing prior to booking. 

(e)   The owner shall arrange checks and cleaning of the property/room as soon as possible after the guest checks out. Where there is anything found which may give rise to a charge, the owner shall notify the guest as soon as possible.

(f)     Heating and electricity is included in the price subject to the guest not being overly excessive. The guest is permitted to use as much gas and electricity as they require to keep themselves clean, warm and comfortable. Where utility usage is in excess, a payment will be levied on the guest at the rate charged by the utility providers. Guest must ventilate the property as necessary, by using extractor fans and opening windows. Trickle vents must not be covered or closed under any circumstances.

(g)    Guest may not bring any illegal drugs onto the premises (as defined in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and subsequent amendments and additions). Where they do consent to a charge of £500. 

(h)    Guests are liable for the cost of dealing with any type of infestation which they are responsible for.

(i)    The owner cannot guarantee that the property is free from anything which could affect an allergy. Guests with allergies should give pre-advice and confirm suitability before booking. 

3. Payments & Deposits

(a)     The guest agrees that where they provide credit or debit card details to the owner, they authorise payment in full for the accommodation, deposit and any extra charges that arise under this agreement. A deposit is due to cover any damages or breaches of this contract. This deposit will be pre-authorised from the guests’ card to the amount stated in the booking information. Unless otherwise advertised or agreed, payment and cancellation terms are: 30 days before arrival - full payment due. Cancellation fee is full payment less cleaning segment. Deposit due: 7 days before arrival. Where payment or deposit remain unpaid, the owner may cancel the accommodation and charge the cancellation fee.

(b)   Alternative - physical deposit taken: Where a damages deposit is held by the owner or agent it shall be refunded to the guest as soon as possible after they leave but within 5 days maximum, except where there is any item which gives rise to a charge. The deposit does not constitute a tenancy deposit taken under Tenancy Deposit Protection regulations.

(c)    The owner will not make any additional charges unless he is justified in doing so and those charges must be reasonable and proportionate. Any deduction or charge does not affect the owner’s right to take legal action to recover damages.

(d)   The guest must not request a chargeback on their card unless they have first notified the owner and allowed reasonable time for the resolution of any issue. Where they do, they consent to a £45 administration charge. The owner will attempt to resolve any dispute quickly.

(e)   In the case of international bank transfers, the guest is liable for ensuring that the owner receives the full value in sterling the day it is due, net of all fees; where any deposits are refunded by bank transfer this will be net of bank fees.

(f)     In the case of a dispute where the guests allege that there is a property fault, whether or not such a fault exists must be evidenced by the guest.

(g)    Where debit/credit card details are provided and the transaction is refused, we may charge 2.5% of the transaction amount (£2.50 minimum).

(h)    In the case of bookings paid by business debit or credit card, a 2.5% charge shall apply.

(i)     In the case of any refund or rebate due to a guest, this shall be paid after the review period for any relevant platform expires.

(j)     In the case of any breach of terms and conditions, the guest may be held liable for any charges made by the owner's agents in relation to any work carried out to investigate such a breach and recover any charges or costs due. This may include submission of claims for breaches. 

4. Data Protection, Privacy & Reviews

(a)  Guest data is subject to our PRIVACY POLICY (click on link).

(b)  The contract that guests make with the owner/agent is absolutely on the basis that any reviews, feedback or comments made about the owner, agent or property are totally true, accurate, fair and balanced. In addition guests must have evidence of any negative issues and provide same when requested to do so. Guest may not disclose or publish any negative issues relating to the booking, cleaning, facilities or maintenance unless they have at first reported them to the owner or agent immediately that they became aware of the issue. Guests must also state the remedy taken by the owner or agent in any review or feedback. In providing a balanced review guests must also list all of the positive features, within reason. Guests are not permitted to leave a review which is related to any third party booking platform such as or AirBnB; any such issues must be taken up with those respective providers. GUESTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO LEAVE A REVIEW , but where they do they submit to these conditions in their totality. Where guests breach this condition, they expressly agree to forfeiting their deposit or £250 per review breaching this term, whichever is the greater. This is without prejudice to any further claim for damages that the agent or owner may make and/or any legal action that the agent or owner may take against guests for losses or damages arising from false or inaccurate reviews. 

(c) Between the agreed check in and chcek out times, the guest shall be allowed full privacy of the property and neither the owner nor his agents shall enter the property except in the following circumstances: (i) for a pre-notified clean or inspection (ii) at the guest's request (iii) for pre-notified repairs or maintenance (iv) in response to an urgent or serious issue that is affecting the property - in such cases contact with the guest will be attempted but entry may be made without consent (v) entry may be made to the property without consent where the owner or agent has reasonable grounds to suspect that any condition of this agreement has been brecahed.

5. Legal/Other

(a)   This is an agreement to provide accommodation for guests, and it in no way constitutes an assured shorthold tenancy, nor any such tenancy made under any statutory Housing act or order, nor does it afford any of the legal protections available to tenants renting residential property in Northern Ireland.

(b)   Where the guest breaches any condition and were this leads to the property being unavailable for occupation, the guest shall be liable for the losses incurred by the owner, plus any cost incurred in the re-location of cancelled guests including alternative accommodation (which may be at a higher price due to availability), transport costs and compensation. Guests are responsibile for their entire party and any other persons that they permit to access the property, and any breaches by those persons shall be taken to be a breach by the guest. Whereupon the guest claims that they did not permit an offending party into the property, the guest must report that matter to the police immediately. The agent shall use their discretion in the determination of this clause.

(c)   Any liability of the owner is restricted to the value of services provided.

(d)   The owner may appoint an agent.

(e)   Northern Ireland law governs this agreement.

(f)   The terms of this agreement shall be deemed to be agreed by both parties where a booking is offered and accepted whether or not funds have been paid.



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