Make a Payment

You can pay us the following ways:

Bank Transfer/Standing Order: it’s completely free, quick and secure. Contact us for bank details.

Any Branch of Northern/Danske Bank (N.Ireland) or Halifax (England): this is also free*, quick and secure. Contact us for details. You can pay cash or cheque.

By Debit/Credit Card: You can pay by link, in person or over the phone. We accept:

Mastercard payments supported by Worldpay Visa Electron payments supported by Worldpay Maestro payments supported by Worldpay  Visa Credit payments processed by Worldpay  JCB payments supported by Worldpay                                                                                                           

In Person: At Our Office -115 Cregagh Road, Belfast. ( go to the contact page to see the map )

Important: Conditions Of Payment

Paying Guest Accommodation Booking Fees

Payments are taken in accordance with the terms and conditions and the refund policy displayed on the relevant booking website.

BY CARD: Card payments are taken on the basis that you have read the specific terms and conditions including the refund policy which is available on the site that you booked through. We do not charge personal debit or credit cards, but we do charge 2.5% on business cards. We charge £2.50 for any each declined card payment. You should NEVER provide card details for a payment which cannot be made as this could be fraud.

For more information on card payment protections go to: (opens in new window)

BANK TRANSFER: Please contact us for bank details. We recommend that you pay in GBP £ to avoid any differences in currency exchange rates. Normally we will still require card details for your incidentals deposit.

Paying Rent

You must pay your rent in accordance with your tenancy agreement. You must allow at least 2 banking days for bank transfers (other than faster payments (FPS) which are usually credited within an hour) for your payment to reach our account. Remember to take account of public holidays and weekends. Make sure you put your name or the property address as a reference.

Paying Rental Application Fees & Deposits

Any payment made will be on the presumption that you have read our separate terms for paying application fees and deposits. Generally, application fees are non-refundable and deposits made on rental properties that you do not take a tenancy on are non-refundable. Make sure you put your name or the property address as a reference. See viewing and application conditions within this site.

Paying Property Purchase Deposits & Fees

Contact us for special conditions.

Paying Client Fees

Please e-mail us details of your payment and if possible include your name or relevant property address as a reference.

* General conditions of payment

If we have to refund you any money, we reserve the right to make any re-payment through whatever means we choose. For card payments this will almost always be a credit to your card. If you pay by cheque and that cheque is returned unpaid, we may charge you any bank fee plus our administration costs. You may not make any payment with large amounts of coin, without our prior consent. If you do, you may be liable for a charge. You should always obtain a receipt for any money you pay to us, especially cash. We discourage payment by post. Any cheques lost in the post are non-payment and will incur any applicable charges. Payments made in foreign currency are not normally accepted but where they are may be subject to Danske Bank’s exchange rate, exchange fees and our administration fees.

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