Belfast tenant loses £1,000 deposit

Posted: 31/10/2023


A Belfast tenant has lost his full £1,000 deposit, forfeited to the landlord for rent arrears, cleaning and gardening. We at Key One Property were not managing the home but assisted the landlord in making the successful claim. The property had been let by us then managed by the landlord, but we were asked to help with the claim. The deposit claim process can be a bit daunting, and many landlords fail because they do not submit the correct evidence or justify their claims properly. In this case, the tenant had accrued some rent arrears and charges for late rent. When he left, the property required cleaning and gardening. We were able to submit the required evidence to the deposit scheme adjudicator and detail the conditions of the tenancy which allowed for the landlord to claim the funds.

Crucial to claims relating to damages, cleaning and gardening are accurate before and after condition reports, backed up by photos. At Key One Property we provide those services at a low cost to landlords. Contact us to about lettings or management, or both. 

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