Key One foils Hillsborough AirBnB scammer

Posted: 5/11/2023


We at Key One Property have foiled an AirBnB scammer and protected our client from the loss of almost £800. The fraudster booked and stayed at one of our AirBnB managed properties but as soon as she arrived, started to send messages that the property was "filthy" and that things were broken. Fortunately, we had inspected the clean pre-arrival and knew this wasn't true. The cleaner returned to the "filthy" property but was told that it did not need cleaned and sent away. The scammer then tried to claim that the cleaner had caused her son an anxiety attack! Whilst this was another lie, the child probably did have anxiety with a mother like that. We even offered the guest immediate check out of the property and a refund for unused days but she seemed happy to live in the "squalor" for a full week. Throughout the remainder of the stay, the guest sent almost daily reports of fake maintenance issues - no such faults were found when we did the check out. As soon as she left came the claim to AirBnB for a refund for having to live in such conditions etc. We lodged an objection and offered evidence that the guest was attempting fraud. Thankfully AirBnB saw through the scam and sent her packing. This protected our client-landlord from a loss of almost £800. 

At Key One Property we work hard to protect our clients - it's all part of the service. Contact us if you would like an agent on your side. 


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