Landlords pay £48.8bn in tax up £2.5bn !

Posted: 6/11/2023


Unincorporated landlords paid a whopping £48.8bn in tax in the financial year 2021-22. That was up £2.5bn on the previous year and does not include those landlords who let via a limited company structure to avoid the prohibition on tax relief for mortgage interest. Some other interesting figures are:

  • 2.79m landlords filed self-assessment returns
  • 300,000 of those were partnerships (although many may have spplit income that were not)
  • The largest expense was finance (including mortgage interest) at £6.85bn or 29% of expenses

That finance expense equates to landlords paying an extra £1.37bn of tax (if calculated at 20%) that they previously did not have to pay when the rules were fairer, and landlords could claim tax relief on what is a genuine expense. But the government put taxation about homelessness, which has been steadily growing as private landlords leave the market, in large part because of the over-taxation.


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