5000 estate agency offices close in 2023: about time?

Posted: 18/1/2024


Almost 5,000 estate agency offices closed in the UK in 2023, but we think that's about time, so why? Here at Key One Property, we have long been reducing unnecessary costs so that we can offer better value services to home sellers and landlords (including our 0.5% sale fee). But many other agents have not, and one of the biggest expenses is a flashy "High Street" sales office which serves no use in this day and age for either selling or letting property. Buyers and tenants seek properties on line, so who on earth now visits an agent's office to find a property, especially considering the sheer number they would have to trapse in and out of in Belfast alone?

Two websites: PropertyNews and PropertyPal contain all agents' properties across Northern Ireland and a similar situation exists in GB with Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket.

Whether selling or letting, having your property marketed on the two main websites in the province is what really drives enquiries. Enquiries equal viewings which equal offers (or applications in the case of lettings). What is more important to anyone buying, selling, letting or renting than a "High Street" branch is that they can speak to the agent when they want to and for that reason, here at Key One Property we operate a 24-7 live (real person) telephone service. Of course most of our enquiries are now by email to which we reply quickly, and 7 days a week.

Last year we downsized our office and upscaled our service, and this had the added advantage of reducing our all-important carbon footprint even further. We think that not only are we one of the best value sales and letting agents in NI but we are also one of the greenest. You can check out our green credentials here.

So if you would like to either sell or let your property out, get in touch with us for an effective and great value service where you are not paying for unnecessary and useless so called "benefits". 

Notes: data from by TwentyEA:  a total of 2,893 estate agent sales branches closed in 2023 with an additional 1,906 lettings branches ceasing to operate. 0.5% sale fee subject to min fee, t&cs.


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