Labour will force estate agents to take A levels

Posted: 4/2/2024


Labour says that if they get into power, they will force all estate agency workers to have A levels and owners of estate agencies to take a degree if they don't already have one. The latest crazy idea from the looney left would mean that it would be illegal for agents with years of valuable experience to work in a agency unless they returned to education. 

The new proposals have been added as an amendment to the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill currently making its way through Parliament, however this amendment is unlikely to become law.

It demonstrates once again, Labour's worrying lack of understanding of the industry. Just last year, one of its MPs had the brilliant idea of creating a much-needed Ombudsman. Great, except the Property Ombudsman already exists! With polls predicting that Labour will win the next general election, it is concerning that we might replace one incompetent government with another, but then no change there.  

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