Corbyn: Landlords hand over a third of your properties!

Posted: 2/7/2016


This isn't a new story but it has recently gained some support and is so shocking that it needs another mention, just in case you didn't catch it first time around.

Besieged Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced in September last year that landlords should be forced to give their tenants 35% of their property if they decide they wanted to buy it. Let's just clarify that again in case you thought you read it wrong: if a tenant wants to buy the house they are renting the landlord should be made to give them 35% of it, in exchange for......nothing. This would be an extension of the "right to buy" scheme where tenants who want to buy council homes get a similar gift. He also wants to change the way landlords are taxed. Instead of taxing a rental business like any other where you pay tax on your profit, he wants to ignore expenses for tax purposes and charge landlords 100% tax on the rental income.

Perhaps his Crazy Ivan policies are what is making even his own MPs want him out.

But this craziness is not just confined to left wingers. Recently a right wing think tank "Civitas" supported the idea. They however said that the landlords affected could be compensated with some capital gains taxs breaks. How nice of them!

Maybe it's Brexit, maybe it's a full moon, who knows......

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