More stealth landlord fees on the way with CMP

Posted: 6/4/2017


It looks likely that more stealth taxes will be imposed on landlords via their agents with the probable introduction of mandatory CMP or Client Money Protection. CMP is supposed to assure landlords that their money is safe with their agent, but of course, it is only as safe as a lock to an honest person. You know the saying "locks only keep honest people out". We don't believe that CMP will make client money any more secure, but will add further unnecessary red tape and costs to agents who will have to pass it on to landlords. And of course like any other business, landlords have to pass it on to their customers, their tenants. The easiest way to find out if your agent will pay you - just ask for a recommendation. Over 90% of our business is through recommendation as our clients know we pay them quickly. While it has been reported to us that some agents are taking months to pay clients, we try to get our landlords' money to them in under 2 weeks. This announcement comes at the same time as reports that rents are rising fast accross the UK, fuelled by the Tori attack on essential home providers (landlords). And the government say that these taxes are all to let tenants buy a home....they won't have any deposit to put down at this rate! CONTACT US IF YOU WANT AN AGENT WHO PAYS YOUR RENT TO YOU FAST! 90456162 24 HOURS.

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