Landords: Electrical checks becoming compulsory

Posted: 31/3/2019


Five year electrical testing on rented property is to become compulsory, probably from 2020, the government has yet to set a date. However, whilst they are currently not a prescribed check, are they not already mandatory? Landlords are required to ensure that rented properties are safe to live in, and that includes electrics. And the only way to ensure that your electrics are to have them inspected by a competent electrician. For as little as £2.50 a month, landlords can be covered, so we strongly recommend to all our landlords to have them done. Imagine a tenant was electrocuted? Don't you think the first thing that your insurer would ask for is an electrical certificate? Worse still if the HSE launch an investigation and they decide to prosecute. Better to be protected we say, and of course keep your tenant safe. At Key One we arrange all this and more for our landlords. We conduct comprehensive health, safety and fire risk assessments on all of our landlords' properties at no extra cost.

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