Belfast man burns over £1000 cash !

Posted: 7/8/2020

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A Belfast home-owner has burned over £1,000 in cash. Fred Loser made the admission in an interview to local magazine Biggest Suckers NI after paying a Belfast estate agent £1,800 in fees for selling his home. In the interview Fred said "the agent was so convincing, he had a really expensive suit and a flash car. He said that his agency would get the best price for my house although I see now what a fool I have been". Fred went on to say "I know now that all agents advertise on PropertyPal and Propertynews on the web and that this is where buyers come from. Key One Property charge only 0.5% including VAT. My house was £150,000 so Key One Property would only have charged me £750 fee, not £1800! I would have saved myself over £1,000 in fees. I can't believe how stupid I have been" said Fred. "I have just burnt over £1,000 of my hard earned cash, and in these times I can't afford that". Fred gives this advice "a decent agent will get you the best price for your property, don't let them fool you into believing otherwise, and don't pay more than you need to - don't be a sucker like me!". Key One Property sales fee is only 0.5% - more info here

Detail: Just in case you didn't know, Fred Loser is a fictional charcater but is representative of many NI home sellers who pay 1%+ VAT in estate agency fees. Key One Property sales fee is 0.5% subject to a minimum fee of £500 and our standard t&cs. The fee quoted in both scenarios excludes marketing cost, however ours is generally lower in price than many other agents. These prices incude VAT. We offer free valuations or are happy to chat by email or phone, whatever you prefer. 

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