Landlords: do it right or face the fines!

Posted: 1/11/2020


Two landlords have recently been fined £130,000 by councils for HMO breaches. But even if your property is not an HMO, you could still get fined or lose a substantial amount of money if you get it wroNg. Ask yourself:

* Do I know all the letting regulations and can I prove I am abiding by them?

* Have I protected my deposit right and not opened myself up for a fine three times the size of the deposit?

* Is my tenancy agreement legally water-tight and will it hold up in a dispute with the tenant?

* Have I thoroughly identified and referenced my tenant?

* Have I a condition report and photographs that meet the standards required by deposit dispute regulators?

* Am I doing enough inspections to ensure that I don't get prosecuted or fined for health and safety issues?

* Have I a fire risk assessment and if not will my insurer pay out if I have a fire?

These are just a small selection - you need to know much more.

Many landlords think they are saving money by not paying an agent. But if your agent can keep you from getting fined, or losing a dispute with your tenant, then it's a false economy. At Key One Property we do a lot to ensure that our landlords are kept right. We offer LET ONLY or LET & MANAGE. Our FEES ARE LOW plus we DON'T CHARGE VAT. 

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