Most renters have no insurance

Posted: 29/11/2020


Whilst all good landlords have very comprehensive insurance, a YouGov poll, commissioned by Paymentshield to over 1,000 adults, revealed that 67% of those living in a rented property do not have contents insurance. This means that in the event of a fire, they would lose everything with nowhere to make a claim. Many tenants wrongly believe that their landlord is responsible, but under insurance rules, landlord's insurance won't cover tenant's belongings. At Key One Property we advise tenants of this, and our tenancy agreement further protects landlords by stipulating that they are not responsible. We previously required tenants to have their own insurance, but following a ruling a number of years ago on the matter, this compulsory safeguard for tenants was revoked. So if your'e a tenant GET INSURED ! Tenant's policies are actually very cheap. 

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