35 Sec heating oil to be banned for business property

Posted: 9/4/2021


From 1st April 2022, businesses will no longer be permitted to use rebated 35 sec heating oil (otherwise known as gas oil or red diesel) to heat their properties or to generate electricity. The ban is being introduced by the government as part of its commitment to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. Commercial users will have to change to fully duty paid road diesel unless they make changes to their boiler. The good news is that most boilers can easily be altered to run on 28 sec heating oil (Kerosene) that is used in most domestic properties. 28 sec is a duty free product and is generally cheaper. The bad news is that for property construction, it will increase costs and unless builders change to more environmentally friendly vehicles and machinery then the cost of building homes will rise - and unfortunately the cleaner alternatives are just not there yet. The changes don't affect certain categories of business such as agriculture, and non-commercial users such as homes, clubs and charities won't be affected. More info is here (gov.uk site)

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