How many times do buyers view before offering ?

Posted: 24/7/2021


Fresh analysis of UK homebuyers to have purchased a property within the last six months shows that 39% of them did so after just one viewing. A further 43% took two viewings before deciding it was the right property for them, with 12% of homebuyers returning for a third viewing and just 6% opting for four or more viewings (who does that? Serial viewers?)

The survey, commissioned by U-See Homes, shows that the speed of the current viewing process is not confined to the number of viewings alone, with half of homebuyers – 51% – taking just 30 minutes or less and a further 41% taking no more than an hour.

This suggests that for the majority of homebuyers who viewed a home no more than twice, the decision process may have taken between 30 minutes to two hours before they committed to a purchase.

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