Another interest rate rise = yet higher rents

Posted: 17/9/2023


At least one further interest rate rise is predicted this year, which will mean yet further costs for home owners and landlords. Landlords will seek to pass it on to tenants. At 0.25%, that could mean a further £250 pa on a £100,000 mortgage, which will be another £20 per week on tenants' rent.s Rents have already risen significantly, the situation being made worse by lack of supply as tax and regulatory charges combined with rate hikes are driving landlords to sell up, decreasing the private rental sector. The government were aware that this would happen but pressed ahead with their policy which is leading to increased homelessness. They are also refusing to do anything about it, such as reverse the tax changes, even as a temporary measure. 

Landlords: our management fee is just 5% inc VAT*

*subject to min fee, t&cs. 

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