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Housing crisis is getting worse, says HomeOwners Alliance


73% of non-home owners wish to own their own homes, up from 65% four years ago.

For Sale To The Highest Bidder: The Land Registry


Tories plan to sell off the land registry to the highest bidder. England & Wales first then is Northern Ireland to follow?

Bogus Agent Swindles Tenants


Police investigate scamming of thousands of pounds by fake letting agent

Government considering making gazumping illegal


Ministers are reportedly considering a crackdown on buyers and sellers who pull out of a deal at the last minute, or who try to gazump or gazunder each other.

Another One Gone In A Day


East Belfast Property lets in 24 hours (again!)

Mortgages Now Extended Up To You're 80


Halifax now giving mortgages up to age 55 - so you can pay up to you are 80!

Cheaper to buy than rent in over half of UK cities


Cheaper to buy than rent in over half of UK cities - if only first time buyers could get the deposits

One Third of Asking Prices Slashed - What ?????


Zoopla says 1/3rd of asking prices are cut - why ? - we know........

Young Home Owners Fall By 1/3rd


Number of home owners aged under 40 ‘has plunged by a third’ says Housing Minister

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