Apply for a rental property


If you have viewed on of our rental properties and are interested in applying for it the next steps are:

  • Complete the initial questionnaire (below) – this will help us ensure that you will meet the basic requirements. If there are multiple applicants, we will use this information to select the most suitable tenant.
  • Once we confirm that we are offering you a tenancy, it is on the basis of you completing our application forms and providing further documentation.
  • We will ask you to pay £200 holding deposit while we process your application. This will suspend viewings.
  • When the application process is complete, we will ask you to sign the tenancy agreement, and where necessary have your guarantor sign.
  • You will need to pay the rent and deposit before you move in – if this is not straight away will we likely require you to pay a higher holding deposit.

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Please complete the following and press SUBMIT at the end.

I confirm that I have already viewed this property OR have been specifically requested to submit this information.
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Adults: , Children:

If employed are you temporary or permanent and are you part-time or full time?

Do you intend to claim housing benefit? (note that this does not automatically exclude you)
/ No

Are you a smoker?
/ No

Do you want to keep a pet at the property?
/ No

Are you able to pay the rent and deposit in advance?
/ No

Do you have someone who could act as a guarantor?
/ / /

Will your current landlord/agent provide a good reference?
/ No

Are you, or have you had any rental arrears in the last 3 years?
/ No

Do you have any court judgments against you for any debt or do you have any court proceedings pending for a debt, even if disputed?
/ No

Do you need anything added or removed from the property or do you have any special requirements?

Please use this space to provide any additional information


Tenants are selected purely on grounds of commerciality.

An offer of tenancy will only be made following satisfactory results from a full application. You may view the terms of the tenancy agreement before you commit – please just ask us for a copy.

Key One Property Ltd do not charge application fees, however we can provide tenants with reports at a cost.

Your privacy and data: PRIVACY POLICY

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