Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy is based around REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. We have a practical summary of that below. We would like to see all categories met and will work towards that.





Office Energy

Eliminate heat from fossil fuel

Fully Met

Office is 100% electric with supplier generation being partially from renewables.

Office Energy

Increase energy efficiency

Party Let

In May 2023 we moved to new, smaller offices as we changed our way of working over Covid to be more remote and flexible. This reduced our energy consumption by over 50%. The age of our new building restricts the overall EPC rating and as tenants this is outside our control.

Print & Paper

Reduce paper and print usage to negligible amount

Fully Met

We have reduced print and paper output by around 99% in last 10 years. Majority of documents are now electronic.

Waste Recycling

Recycle all possible waste

Fully Met

We recycle 100% of waste that is recyclable.

Product Sustainability

Repair where possible, order products locally

Partly Met

We repair as many products as we can before scrappage; we purchase some re-conditioned and used equipment; we order locally where possible but due to the nature of some specialised products these have to come from longer distances.

Water Usage

Reduce water usage

Fully Met

We have reduced our water usage to an almost negligible amount.

Vehicle Emissions

Reduce journeys to minimum possible

Fully Met

We plan vehicle journeys to reduce the number of trips and mileage travelled, e.g. we have reduced the number of viewings by consolidating appointments.

Vehicle Emissions

Switch to electric vehicles

Not Yet Met

We hope to achieve this in coming years however this is partly outside of our control due to fact that some vehicles are owned by sub-contractors and not the business.

Promoting Landlord Energy Efficiency

Actively encourage and assist landlords to improve energy efficiency

Fully Met

We frequently encourage landlords to improve energy efficiency and we assist by both exploring and obtaining warm home grants and organise fitting of energy measures.

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